BeyondCapital launches its angel investor network

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On Thursday the 5th of December, BeyondCapital launched its Angel Investor Network, an initiative that consists of individual angel investors interested in financing early-stage companies. With fundraising being one of the biggest challenges facing entrepreneurs in Jordan, the BeyondCapital Angel Investor Network will facilitate the introduction of entrepreneurs to potential investors.

BeyondCapital, seed funded by USAID, holds a strong track record for dispatching and managing programmatic investments and specialises in bridging the gap between the entrepreneurial ecosystem and the investor community. To accelerate the growth of the Jordanian startup ecosystem and expand investment pools, BeyondCapital’s Angel Investor Network will facilitate syndicated deals in which members of the network can invest collectively in early-stage ventures. 

The launch event commenced with a welcome note from BeyondCapital’s Managing Director, Tamer Al-Salah who also commented on the vision and model of the network: ‘‘Among the most important considerations for a strong network infrastructure is a system for consistent, quality pipeline. Jordan needs cooperation between its Angel investors and support organisations to set up the right structures for sustainable Angel networks. This would include a dedicated group administration, matching capital, and in-house support’’. 

With support from partner organisations ISSF and GIZ, BeyondCapital will provide members with various services which remove existing barriers to this asset class. The core services which BeyondCapital will provide to the network include deal sourcing, deal screening, due diligence support, operations management, optional trainings, access to matching capital, legal support related to due diligences and SPV setup, and term sheet negotiation support.

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