8 promising hardware startups from the MENA region

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The integrated circuit board, an essential ingredient for any hardware based startup. (Image via toddfun.com)

Hardware based startups, the building of physical products that change the way we live, continue to play a crucial role in shaping our world. Over the last few years a number of promising hardware startups have emerged from the MENA region led by a movement of enthusiastic builders and makers.

To take a closer look at these startups, we combed our database and identified the most promising startups in MENA that are involved in building and manufacturing high-tech hardware products.

Here is a summary of eight that we found.


Integreight designs smart electronic solutions, starting with 1Sheeld, a Smart BreadBoard device that shortens the time and effort it takes to work with different Arduino shields in electronic circuits. 1Sheeld simplifies working with a wide array of Arduino shields by moving the complexity of buying, connecting and configuring shields to an arduino board to a simple and intuitive mobile app.

Location: Egypt

Founder: Amr Saleh

Industries: manufacturing, consumer electronics, hardware



Instabeat designed, and is now manufacturing, the first waterproof heads-up monitor that tracks, stores, and displays instant feedback of the heart rate during a swimming workout, giving swimmers vital information to optimize their performance.

Location: Lebanon

Founder: Hind Hobeika

Industries: Health Technology, sports wearables, consumer electronics


Fractal Systems

Fractal Systems FZCO is an event technology company based in the Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority. They specialize in technology such as touch display, digital signage, holograms, 3D and application development, augmented reality, mechatronic concepts and Unmamed Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Drones.

Fractal takes on different projects, building products for clients, integrating mechanical, electronic, programming and 3D development in order to provide comprehensive and innovative solutions.

Location: UAE

Industries: hardware, drones, renewable energy, security



KinTrans offers a product that enables the hearing impaired to communicate effectively. The device translates sign language into voice and text in real time.

Location: UAE

Founder: Mohamed Elwazer

Industries: hardware



AIRMOTE is a multi-purpose remote keychain that is always connected to your smartphone. If you lose or forget to take your phone with you, the keychain has a button that enables you to trigger your phone to start ringing in order to find it. AIRMOTE can also be used to take selfies or control music on your phone without the need to touch it. In additon to that, AIRMOTE's button is configurable, enabling your to control other features and apps on your phone with custom clicks, double clicks, and hand movements.

Location: Morocco

Founder: Ali Lakrakbi

Industries: hardware, gaming


Roadie Tuner

Roadie is an automated robotic guitar tuner and the first device capable of tracking the quality of strings, informing users of when they are about to snap. Complemented by a mobile app, Roadie allows users to switch between alternate tunings, create their own custom tunings, and keep track of their instrument's maintenance information.

The device aims to be universal, working on electric, acoustic, classic guitars, as well as any similar instrument with geared pegs like mandolins, ukuleles and banjos.

Location: Lebanon

Founder: Bassam Jalgha, Hassane Slaibi

Industries: consumer electronics, music, hardware



Junkbot is a do-it-yourself hardware kit that helps people make real life working robots from unwanted junk, using everyday items like water bottles, coffee cups, old CDs and cardboard.

Junkbot is aimed at helping children learn the core STEM concepts of analytical thinking, problem solving, prototyping, lateral thinking and building while enabling them to build, program and customize a robot to their own design.

Location: UAE

Founder: Ehteshamuddin P.A., Mohammed Sinanr, and Rajeev MSN,

Industries: education, entertainment


Innovo Hardware solutions

Innovo designs and manufactures a range of hardware products ranging from interactive vending machines and entertainment systems to autonomous robots and wearable devices. Throughout the years, the team developed a unique working style that fosters innovation by investing time in research, and experimenting with a wide array of technologies.

Location: Lebanon

Founder: Jad Berro

Industries: Electronics, Manufacturing




Smarke developed a set of connected hardware products that allows users to have a keyless access into their properties. The set consists of a self-installable smart lock that sits on the inside of the door, intercom solution that allows you to have a keyless entry into the building and a keypad. With Smarke, you can enter your property without needing those keys. Also, you can grant access via the Smarke app to your guest‘s smartphone by specifying the dates and times of their visit. The guest can then grant access to other members of their party. The Smarke app uses Bluetooth to unlock and lock the door; there‘s no need for an internet connection.

Location: Lebanon

Co-founders: Hady Abdelnour, Charly Bousaid, Bassam Beidas

Industries: IoT, Smart Home


Do you know of any startups that are involved in building hardware and electronic products from MENA that you think we've missed? Please share with us their profile in the comments below.

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