Hind Hobeika discusses manufacturing challenges [Video]

Wamda's cofounder and CEO, Habib Haddad interviewed in the video above, Hind Hobeika, founder of Instabeat, from a driverless car in Masdar City, Abu Dhabi.

Instabeat is a heads up display for swimmers to track their workouts and their progress over time. Hobeika discussed challenges related to team building, manufacturing and funding.

Habib Haddad and Hind Hobeika

"During the manufacturing process, they take your design, throw it in the garbage and redesign it from scratch," Hobeika said. Instabeat launched just as wearables began to gain momentum, and the team aims to ride the wave as the market grows and matures. But, it's not without its challenges.

"Manufacturing is a very expertise-heavy industry, do not do it unless you are dealing with experts in the field," Hobeika cautioned.

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