Kids Genius: a young makers heaven in Lebanon [Video]

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At Kids Genius, the boring connotations of the word ‘education’ is masked by a sense of creativity and fun.

This classroom is the antonym of the norm, where quiet and order is encouraged: booming fretsaws cut wood, there is the burning smell of glue guns, rulers of all shapes are scattered across tables, a hologram screen hangs from the ceiling, and a 3D printer is running in the corner.

This is a young maker’s heaven.

Founded by Sabine El Kahi, an electromechanical engineer, Kids Genius is an educational startup established in Lebanon for children aged 7-18 to enhance their industrial knowledge through hands-on projects.

Her hope is to ingrain a sense of proactiveness among children - for them to imagine projects and try to implement them using both hardware and software tools. El Kahi says as these children grow older, her hope is that they envision the jobs they want and create them for themselves.

Kids Genius workshops recently began in underserved communities including in Palestinian refugee camp Burj Brajneh in Beirut’s suburbs, and Jabal Mohsen in Tripoli. Learn more about El Kahi and the children she serves in the video above.

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