Why are some companies luckier than others?

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Why are some companies luckier than others? Enrst & Young offers information about its Exceptional Enterprise model

It's not luck that makes leaders.

Market-leading businesses don’t rely on luck to achieve their potential. They carve out success for themselves, taking control of their direction and leaving nothing to chance. Likewise, it took more than a stroke of good fortune to get them where they are today. Only an exceptional business can develop into a market leader, and the transformation never occurs overnight.

It's leaders that make luck.

If market leaders are already outstanding businesses, what do they possess that sees them rising right to the top when others don’t? Is it their talent, an ability to innovate or their dominance of the market? Perhaps it’s a sixth sense they have for understanding their customers. To identify which of today’s businesses have the potential to become market leaders, forget about luck (and don’t waste time seeking out some special, elusive quality that you imagine leaders may possess).

Instead, examine the way a company addresses the six fundamental challenges facing all businesses. Do this, and you will see how exceptional enterprises draw upon the distinctive mix of key attributes that they have in common to overcome these challenges and accelerate growth.

This ability separates market-leading businesses from the rest.

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