What Oasis500 Looks for in a Startup [Wamda TV]

Usama Fayyad of successful Jordanian accelerator and early stage investment vehicle Oasis500 chats with Wamda at the World Economic Forum about what makes him want to invest in an entrepreneur, from how they respond to a stress test of the business model, to whether their idea is feasible and scalable to a regional or global market.

Fayyad explains specifically why he chose to invest in Jamalon (scalability), Curlstone Studios (a unique product and diversified business model), and Madfoo3atCom (it solves a clear problem and had a clear vision).

He also explains how Oasis500 continues to help startups after they exit the tough incubator environment, so that they don't get lazy.

"These are our children- the first time we let the first wave leave, our team was in tears," smiles Fayyad.

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