What Investors Look for in a Media Company [Wamda TV]

As we get geared up for CoE E-Commerce, happening on June 3rd in Amman, we're releasing more from the archives of September's CoE Animate 11. Stay tuned for more on CoE E-Commerce!

Farhan Zaidi, Principal at Riyada Enterprise Development, discusses what investors look for when assessing a digital media company, such as Islam-inspired superhero series The 99, created by Teshkeel Media, which Abraaj invested in last year. They work with 4 major data points, says Zaidi, that include uniqueness, scalability, concept validation in the region, and the talent on the team (these points are not exclusive to investment in media as opposed to other types of companies). He discusses why the ability to pivot is a good quality, and how web and mobile are creating new avenues for monetizing digital content. 

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