Define What You Want in Life [Pic of the Week]


Define What You Want in Life [Pic of the Week]

Defining what you want in life and specifying your dreams might just make it easier for you to manifest them. Not because new age gurus say so, but because the more you're in touch with your own vision of what you want to create, the more you can begin to see the opportunities and stepping stones that will bring you towards it.

Once you've specified your goals, it's also important to be willing to adapt and be flexible in enacting that vision; the path to reaching it may not be what you thought it was (in fact, it's rarely exactly what you plan out). You might have to erase, re-draw, pivot, and re-form in order to get there. But staying focused on a final vision of what you want will keep you- and your team- motivated. It will also help you stay balanced as you keep the broader picture in mind. 

Try it now. What are the top 5 things that you'd like to manifest this year?

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