Tomorrow is about Innovation & Scale [Pic of the Week]


Tomorrow is about Innovation & Scale [Pic of the Week]

Often when building a company, we're so heads down just trying to get day-to-day operations running properly that we forget to look up and remind ourselves of the vision we're building towards. Looking into "tomorrow" can mean thinking about how to viably scale the company, while considering what innovations we'll have to implement in order to stay unique and create lean solutions. 

Here at Wamda, "tomorrow" also means thinking about scaling and innovation in e-commerce this weekend, as we host CoE E-Commerce, a conference examining the sector's challenges and opportunities in the MENA region. On the unconference and main days of the conference, we will be take a look at online payment gateways, investment, models, and going online in e-commerce. Even if you can't attend, join us for our Google Hangout sessions in Beirut, Cairo, and Dubai, and share your thoughts with us. 

What do you want to ask our panelists this weekend about their experience in e-commerce in the region?


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