You Think Like An Entrepreneur If... [Pic of the Week]


You Think Like An Entrepreneur If... [Pic of the Week]

While entrepreneurship is the science of forming and growing a business, the mindset associated with it has come to signify much more, a broader switch from being a cog in a machine to becoming a self-starter and problem-solver in multiple dimensions.

At the first Celebration of Entrepreneurship event in 2010, attendees came with the following ideas about entrepreneurship.

You think (like an) entrepreneur if you...

- have an idea that solves a problem.
- are concerned about the whole ecosystem.
- think entrepreneurship is also about luck.
- are ready to fail.
- think it is not simply owning a business.
- think you don't need a path to start.
- don't mind being entrepreneurial even if you have a boss.  

How can you improve on these? In what other ways can you think like an entrepreneur...?

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