My Heart Is In the Work [Pic of the Week]


My Heart Is In the Work [Pic of the Week]

Some of you may have read this card and felt like it defined you. Others may be having one of those days where you know you love what you do, but it feels like it's driving you rather than your driving it. 

To regain a sense of control over the tasks piling up, re-center yourself for a moment, and rediscover the creativity that led you to it in the first place. Try to think of each task from a creative angle: how can you come into it creatively, and make it an expression of your core values to build and change, rather than treat it just as another to-do?  

Even dealing with accounting, making spreadsheets, or organizing tasks can seem tedious, but taking pride or having a fun to-do checklist (like Remember the Milk) can make restructuring tasks sound fun (ok, maybe we're a little OCD).  

Finding a center in that place of creativity, that drew you into starting a business in the first place, might help you remember that your heart is still in it. 

But we want to hear what you think- what makes you remember what you love about your job? 

Thank you

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