5 Applications that Help You Organize Daily Tasks

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Smartphones nowadays have become our daily companions that stick with us wherever we go. They help us organize daily tasks and have successfully managed to replace computers as a go-to tool for taking notes and organizing tasks. In the first episode of this series, we present 5 applications that will help you organize your daily tasks. 



OmniFocus provides an advanced method for managing your daily tasks, enabling users to separate between professional and personal tasks.

The application reminds you to accomplish specific tasks at specific times, and you can also add explanatory pictures or audio notes for each task, or categorize your work by project.

OmniFocus is available on iPhone and Android for US $19.99.

pocket informant

Pocket Informant

Pocket Informant is one of the most famous mobile applications for time and task management. It provides you with the ability to add tasks, organize them and display them on a user interface that combines the calendar, the tasks, the days and the specified times. 

It also allows you to add people to a task from your contacts, or categorize tasks using different colors, and it synchronizes automatically over an internet connection. Pocket Informant also offers other services including integration with Google Calendar, Google Task Management and Toodledo.

Pocket Informant is available on Android and iOS for a price between USD 10 and 15.  



Among these applications, Do2 is the only one that has been built by an Arab developer. It was developed by Guided Ways, a company known for being one of the few Arab companies specialized in mobile programming.   

What makes this application special is the design simplicity and the ease of use. Tasks can be organized by priority (important, average or not important), or by chosen type (a symbol next to the atsk clarifies its type).

You can also add multiple reminders for specific tasks, or attach updates from a specific website to a task.

Do2 is available on Android and iOS stores for USD 10. 



Astrid is unique for providing a task management platform for a group of people  working on a mutual project. The service initially started as a web application that operated on any internet browser, and it is now available on iPhone and Android.

The application enables the project manager to distribute tasks to participants, as well as organize them by priority and set due dates and the time due as well.  

Astrid is a free application, but it has paid features that activate additional functions. 



Of these 5, Wunderlist is the one that operates on the most operating systems. Is it available for free on Mac, Windows, iPhone and Android, and it has a web version on the browser.

The application allows you to add more than one participant to lists of unified tasks, while also allowing you to create task lists or receive task notifications via email. 

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