CloudArena plans to Disrupt the Hotel Industry in Turkey and the MENA [Wamda TV]

During the Webrazzi summit, Arden Agopyan, Ali Beklen and Tolga Yalcinkaya from CloudArena shared with us their plans to disrupt the hotel industry, their strategies to enter the MENA region and the services they offer.

CloudArena is a software solutions for hotels based in Istanbul, Turkey. If small to medium sized hotels want to go from offline to online, they have to go through a very tough process, said Tolga. CloudArena offers an easy to use platform that helps hotels make “themselves visible and available online. When you look for a hotel, directions won’t show up online and we solved that problem”.

Basic websites can’t get an effective online selling channel, there was not enough content. They have provided an automated process that allows hotels to open up a website “with one click”, said Tolga. They also has a multi-lingual software that translates to multiple systems. Their biggest goal is to get much more customers to the hotels. In addition to that, they also offer a social campaign management services on Facebook and Twitter, according to Arden.

They have a CRM (Content Managing System) that allows hotels to enter their data and publish it online directly. In an answer to how they are planning to enter the MENA, Tolga spoke about two things: Affiliates and partnerships. They hope to have an affiliate network and partner with local agencies who know the market dynamics more. 

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