How Turkish Jewelry Company Hazinem Plans to Enter the Middle East [Wamda TV]

During the Webrazzi Summit, we chatted with Sevgi Soysal from Hazinem, a Turkish jewelry e-commerce company. Soysal told us about the company’s plan to scale and enter the MENA region, which includes a marketing strategy focusing on social media and Google Adwords.

In order to scale in the region and make a name for themselves, they plan to offer exclusive post-sales services to customers including same day shipment, free return and competitive prices.  “We will be headquartering in Dubai in 2013 and we will be offering very exclusive products to the customers in the MENA region”, said Sevgi, “We are sure we will dominate very quickly”.

The company is not planning to rebrand the name or partnering with anyone at the moment. “We plan to enter the market with our own brand,,” she concluded.

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