Entrepreneurship is an Attitude [Pic of the Week]


Entrepreneurship is an Attitude [Pic of the Week]

“Think positively, you can do it!” is a fairly cliché way to encourage others. But in reality, people generally do think negatively and have a strong belief that they will likely fail. Wamda has published several pieces about failure and how to learn from it, but truly overcoming failure, or the fear of failure, is a mindset that takes time to develop and encouragement to sustain.

Entrepreneurs, more often than not, are idea people. They are the type of people who can’t sleep at night because they just thought of an amazing new startup and are too excited to shut their eyes. When you wake up the next day you have either forgotten the idea, realize that to pursue it would mean a total change in your lifestyle, or you put aside all of the conditions and limitations and just go for it.

Whether you want to open the next big coworking space, social network, or beauty salon, don’t let your fear get the best of you. Have a positive attitude and believe in what you are capable of. Your idea may seem too big, too outlandish, or too complex right now. But you’ll never know if it has potential until you at least try. If nothing else, Google your idea to see if it already exists, if you can do it better, or if there is in fact a gap in the market.

As this week’s Pic says, “Entrepreneurship is an attitude,” so don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Believe in your idea and try; you owe yourself and your ideas that much at least.

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