Watch the Livestream of Flat6Labs' 4th Demo Day

Curious about the latest round of startups coming out of Cairo's accelerator Flat6Labs? Tune in to the Livestream from their Demo Day, where the 6 latest startup teams to survive the accelerator's 4th cycle will be presenting their products and pitching to investors tonight starting at 6pm Cairo / 7pm Amman & Riyadh /8pm Dubai.

Flat6Labs, a Global Accelerator Network member that was established by Sawari Ventures in partnership with the American University in Cairo, has hosted 3 previous Demo Days, for Cycle 0, Cycle 1, and Cycle 2. To assess the contenders for Cycle 3, their 4th batch of graduates, head to the Flat6Labs Ustream channel or watch the embedded Livestream below.


Live stream videos at Ustream


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