Building a Self-Funded Tech Solutions Company from Jordan [Wamda TV]


We chatted with Ashraf Alqudah, co-founder of TjDeeD Technology, at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit,   which provides software products, services and solutions worldwide, with branches in Jordan, the UAE and North America.

One of its most popular applications is a team management system, which helps managers track their team’s performance and evaluate it. TjDeeD, which in Arabic means ‘renovation’, is also working on developing other products related to e-Commerce and Messaging. 

Alqudah spoke about investment, stating that it is a major challenge every entrepreneur faces when launching their own startup. However, Alqudah said that they did not need any external capital and managed to fund the company themselves during the first two years, while working part time. 

Watch this short interview where Alqudah explains their growth, how their enabling new tech-based education curriculum, and plans to promote job creation in the region. 

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