Will this online tourism guide flourish in Gaza? [Wamda TV]


Launched by Palestinian entrepreneur Mohannad Al Nounou in Gaza in early 2012, online tourism and activity guide Fos7a offers an interactive platform detailing Palestine’s major tourist destinations including historical sights, hotels, and recreational activities.

“This is the first of its kind [in Palestine] in terms of virtual discovery,” says Al Nounou. Currently the platform really only attracts users living in Palestine, but the team of four soon hopes to expand to be a sort of niche Trip Advisor for the Arab world. With a couple hundred listings on the site today, the Fos7a team continues to promote the value of the platform for potential clients who can list their destination on the site; the team will even visit a destination to take photos or even create a video, depending on the package, to feature the spot on the platform.

But just like any other startup in the region, finding good talent remains an issue. It hasn’t been easy convincing potential team members to work for a startup in Gaza, especially one dealing with a Gazan tourism industry that is not well known or popular outside of Palestine, which is why looking outwards is so key to their future plans. Thus far, the platform has been self-funded, monetizing by featuring and marketing restaurants and venues on the website, as well as organizing private parties through the platform.

Check out this short video interview with the Fos7a team above to learn more about the project and their plans for growth. 

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