Hiring for your Startup, Lean Startup Event - Dubai, UAE

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    June 24, 2013

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    June 25, 2013

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One of the many challenges a startup faces is hiring the right human resources, especially those who can join locally. But today the internet has brought down many of these barriers, enabling startups to tap from a huge global talent pool.

This event, entitled "Hiring for your Startup" will feature Ved Sinha, Vice President of Elance.com, who will reveal opportunities to help entrepreneurs:

  • Bootstrap your startup with the help of freelancers.
  • Keep your startup lean and pay only for results.
  • Utilize distributed teams by tapping globally to advance your idea or startup.
  • Hiring the right technical talent beyond your geographical location.

Attend the event to explore opportunities available, grow your network, and expand your reach. The event begins at 7pm on June 24, at the iN5 Innovation Hub in Dubai.

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