Advice for managing a growing team as you scale [Wamda TV]

At the recent World Economic Forum Meeting in Jordan this May, we caught up with Tarek Sultan, CEO and General Manager of Agility, a global logistics company based in Kuwait.

After taking over the government-owned company, he and his team were able to transform it from doing US $20 million in revenue to $6 billion a year, taking it from Kuwait to over 100 countries in a short period of time. Sultan explains the growing pains they faced as the company's management had to be able to begin delegating and building teams to lead a scaling company. Agility uses several models of expansion, recruiting local partners, agents, and even building new teams depending on country needs.

In this brief interview, Sultan also offers some advice for new entrepreneurs looking to build a scaling business, encouraging them to continue setting the bar higher and higher to achieve new goals.

Check out the interview above to learn more about Sultan’s journey and his advice for other entrepreneurs.

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