4 cool productivity apps, chosen by Moroccan startups

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It’s not always easy to organize your day, prioritize tasks or collaborate on a mission in a stress-free and efficient way.

To see what entrepreneurs are using lately, we asked 5 Moroccan entrepreneurs to open their smartphones to us. We could have looked at their personal data, but instead, we decided to give you their favorite productivity app. 



Trello is a task management app that lets you organize your professional tasks as well as your cramming sessions or your sport training. The app is available on Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows 8 Tablet, and on most Internet browsers.

Younes Qasimi, the founder of Synergie Media, the web agency behind Thenexties, has a look at it every morning to prepare his day, to allocate tasks to his team members and prioritize them. Younes can follow how each project is doing and adjust their prority throughout the day.


Any.do is an interactive app, available on iOS, Android, and web that allows you to manage tasks in its elegant interface by sliding tasks around, swiping the screen or shaking the phone to delete them, or turning the phone sideways to see your calendar.

This app is both complete and simple, says Youssef El Hammal, the founder of stagiaires.ma, a platform that connects students and hiring companies.

According to Taher Alami, founder of the web agency Abweb Consulting, it’s all about the widgets. They give a good overview of the tasks and enable users to add tasks – via typing or voice – in one click.


Evernote lets you save your ideas in written notes, photos or vocal memos. El Filali, founder of web content creation agency Lorem, uses it to take notes during meetings, share them with his team, and access them on his smartphone and computer – the app auto-synchronizes on iOS, Android, Windows Phones, Blackberry, Mac and Windows.

Google Drive

The mobile app for what is probably the world's most famous cloud data storage service includes most of its web platform features: users can easily store, read, modify, and share files. Users can also create word processing, documents and spreadsheets or read Office and PDF files.

Driss Lebbat, cofounder of web hosting company ADK MEDIA, and his coworkers use it to share documents and collaborate more efficiently. 

And you, what apps are you using to organize your work days and collaborate on projects? Are any of you using an app from the Arab world?

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