Why are interns and recruiters unsatisfied in Morocco? [Infographic]

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It’s no secret that recruiting in the Arab world is hard. And with so many recruiting platforms, each claiming to offer a miraculous solution to the issue, many are now starting to tackle the challenge of finding good interns.

It’s certainly a big market, according to a recent study by Stagiaires.ma, the go-to website for finding an intern in Morocco. 84% of the managers say they need interns, but 75.5% of the same managers say they’re having trouble finding them. 

The study’s findings, highlighted in the (French) video and infographic below, explain the difficulties faced by both students and recruiters in terms of internship recruitment, expectations and job satisfaction. 

Here are a few highlights:

  • Only 28% of managers say they are satisfied with their interns. 50.5% of them complain about their lack of organization skills and autonomy, 46% about their lack of initiative, and 29% about their lack of attendance. 
  • 40% of student respondents are disappointed by their internship. 90% complained about their stipend being too low (or nonexistent) and 65% about not being granted enough autonomy.
  • Only 27.3% of intern respondents receive a stipend, which amounts on average to 1250 MAD per month (US $148). Many interns (85.5%) also wish their supervisor was a better manager and that they had more flexible work hours (84.7%).
  • 84% of managers say they need interns but only 38% of them hire one.
  • 49.2% of interns find it difficult to find an internship. 
  • 42.7% of interns look for a 3-month long internship when only 22.1% of recruiters offer 3-months internships.
  • Recruiters are actually looking to fill in longer internships: 19% want interns for at least four months, 14.2% for five months, and 15.5% for 6 or more months.
But things are already changing for the better: Stagiaires.ma is offering a platform to connect interns and recruiters, and studies of this kind will help interns and managers understand each other better. Still, many of the issues raised by recruiters and interns can only be tackled by universities themselves; schools need to better prepare students on how to behave in a company, and how to interact when looking for a job. Companies too can find alternative ways to train interns and better integrate them into their team.

Check out more of the key findings from the study in the video and infographic below, or click on the graphic for a larger image.


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