What do Arab youth think of volunteerism? [Infographic]

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Volunteerism may not historically have been a popular practice in the Arab world, but data from Nakhweh reveals that that's changing. 

Nakhweh, an Amman-based startup that relaunched earlier this year as a comprehensive directory for social work, has been working to encourage volunteerism since its launch in 2010. Now, its recent survey shows, 98% of those polled think that volunteering is a tool for the development of their communities.

The Nakhweh survey mostly assessed youth, with 50% of those sruveyed being between 18 and 24. Only 14% of those surveyed said they'd never volunteered, while 56% volunteer whenever "there is a good opportunity regardless of the timing."

Around a third- 31%- think that starting young is important, saying that the perfect time to start is between 12 and 17 years old.

Almost everyone who took the survey agrees that volunteering should be part of the educational system in schools and universities, but 50% think it should be mandatory and 49% prefer to keep it optional (the remaining 1% comes from those who don't want volunteerism in the education sector).

Social media, according to Nakhweh's community at least, is a primary source of opportunities. 65% of the surveyed think social media can help them find the right volunteering opportunities, while 36% answered that they always search for those opportunities online.

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