Bitcoin in the Middle East, explained

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In a recent talk at the New Think Theatre in Amman, Fouad Jeryes, the cofounder of new payment service CashBasha, the Amman Tech Tuesdays event series, explained Bitcoin for a lay audience. His talk, which is in Arabic, breaks down ways that Bitcoin could be used locally.

Cheesy in parts, idealistic in others, the video describes a future that might not be that far off; despite the Jordanian government's recent warning that Bitcoin is not legal tender in Jordan, forward-thinking companies like Turtle Green café in downtown Amman are already accepting the digital cryptocurrency. Despite the recent plummet in Bitcoin's price following the closure of Mt. Gox, debate about the future of digital currency is accelerating in the Middle East, with the founding of meetups like Jordan Bitcoin Group, of which Jeryes is also a member.

Watch the video to see a fun take on the future of Bitcoin in the Middle East.

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