The 10 most lucrative jobs in the world may surprise you


The 10 most lucrative jobs in the world may surprise you

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Many believe that once they graduate from college and get a degree they will be able to get a high-paying job, but it requires more than that. Take a look at 10 of the most lucrative jobs out there.  

1. Lawyer, average income of $113,530 USD

Unexpectedly, this is the average income of administrative lawyers, not the lawyers who plead criminal cases, but those lawyers that work with big business and oversee their legal contracts and business dealings.

2. Podiatrist, average income of $116,440 USD

Despite some people's belief that this kind of job is ineffective or unprofitable, it requires four years of study to become a specialist, and another three years of training. Most of the specialists in this field work as medical assistants to athletes. 

3. Pharmacist, average income of $116,670 USD

With the development of pharmaceutical companies and the appearance of numerous treatments for different diseases, there has been greater demand in the market for the presence of pharmacists. 

4. Air traffic controller, average income of $122,530 USD

Airlines are dependent on these guys. With all the information about traffic in the sky, they're the ones who can make sure planes can land at airports safely. To work in this field a person must pass several medical, security, and academic tests.

5. Petroleum engineer, average income of $130,280 USD

This job requires not only a lot of education, but a lot of effort once you actually get to the point of extracting the oil and petroleum materials from the ground. 

6. Dentist, average income of $146,340 USD

Who among us can go without the services of dentists? To get certified, you have to pass both medical and dental exams.

7. Orthodontic specialist, average income of $149,310 USD

These are dental specialists who are engaged in installing teeth for medical or cosmetic goals. This profession requires between two and four years of study in addition to regular dental school to work in this field. 

8. Psychiatrist, with average income of $178,950 USD

Although it is a lucrative profession, psychiatrists are exposed to psychological pressure and burdens while helping their sometimes troubled patients.

9. General practitioner, average income of $187,200 USD

To be qualified to become a doctor there is a lot of studying involved, but the benefit is the opportunity to earn a high salary.

10. Surgeon, average income of $233,150 USD

Although medical professions dominate this list, the surgeon tops the bill. You put your life in their hands, so we guess it’s only fair. 

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