Could be the region’s next big tech site?

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What do you get if you combine three Dubai-based technology lovers, a firm friendship, and the omnipresent World Wide Web? As it turns out, this potent combination has brought us the Middle East’s newest online hub for all things tech: Absolute Geeks.

“We love technology and are incredibly curious about new phones and devices. In fact, we just crave to get our hands on what could be the world’s next pioneering piece of technology. As much as we get a kick from using these devices, we equally enjoy sharing our opinions with fellow geeks and contributing reviews to other tech-related sites,” explains Khalid Akbik (pictured right), a member of the site’s founding team.

Akbik, who specializes in social media, had been running his own blog called Gadget Camel for some time, as did the other two members of the techie trio: Kinan Jarjous and Samer Chami (who previously blogged at  

According to the founders, the region lacked a fresh, credible, and comprehensive tech site, where true blue techies and total novices alike could find information to meet their needs. “Whenever we wanted to buy a new device, we’d first go online and look up reviews on major tech websites, most of which are US-based. But the device specifications in these locations are different than what they’d be in the Middle East, making this information irrelevant,” points out Jarjous (pictured left).

Cofounder Chami, pictured below, reminisces: “It dawned on us that since we loved technology, wrote about it regularly for other sites and on our own blogs, that we should just unite our efforts and launch the ultimate site for all things geek.”

And so they did, going live with Absolute Geeks in January of this year.

So as the new kid on the block, what makes them different? Jarjous responds: “We are a homegrown tech portal that brings you the latest scoop on what’s happening on the geek scene. We each have our own style of writing that’s distinctively warm, witty, and easy to understand. Basically, we are your regular neighborhood geeks who love interacting with devices as much we love engaging in a dialogue with our audience. We are not a static site that only posts content but doesn’t interact with users.”

The site has met with a great response and the founders frequently receive invitations to speak at tech events, participate in product launches, and provide reviews as influencers. While the site has amassed a steadily growing readership, differentiating Absolute Geeks to make it attractive to the right audiences and brands is the main priority, according to Akbik. He notes: “We are focused on strengthening our content, in particular providing more Arabic content, and building our community of loyal readers. We want to be the foremost thought leader on tech.”

While the site does not currently rely on advertising revenue, it occasionally offers product giveaways that generate an enthusiastic response. In addition, they receive constant inquiries from contributors eager to share their tech pieces for publication on the site. Jarjous contends that this phenomenon reflects the growing presence of savvy writers in the region who are seeking opportunities to have their voice heard. “We are working on developing contributor criteria and submission guidelines so that we can crowd source content. Perhaps down the road, we could very well be The Huffington Post for all things tech!” he says with a smile.

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