'Huge amounts' of support among Dubai's startup community, report entrepreneurs [Wamda TV]

How supportive is the startup community in Dubai of young startups and fresh entrepreneurs? There are “huge amounts” of support, says Sarah Appleton, founder of Mini Exchange. “It’s a very close community out here of startups all willing to help each other for no real gain or benefit to themselves.”

Networking is one thing a robust community can offer its members, and events like Mix N’ Mentor, held in December at Dubai’s in5 accelerator, can help foster a healthy networking culture. Networking was high on the agenda for many entrepreneurs that day, says Lamsa founder Badr Ward, especially the exchange of contacts for potential partnerships. “Each of us has a gap that other people can cover,” says the founder. Mahmoud Kaiyal, founder of Webteb, agreed, saying that partnerships can help startups get to the next level.

Further, a healthy community can help its members avoid falling into the same traps over and over again. Irfan Arhmad, founder of Irhal, says “ideally what you want to find out is whatever problem you’re having, are other people experiencing the same thing or not?”

When “this knowledge and awareness…. When this is shared among all of us it is very beneficial” to the entrepreneurs individually as well as the ecosystem as a whole,” closes Ali Abdel-Hafiz, founder of iSolarWorkx.

Check out the video from the event for more.

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