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Kharabeesh's geographic reach
Kharabeesh's geographic reach  (Images via Wamda Research Lab)

The MENA region is facing an acute unemployment crisis that is likely to worsen in the near future. One possible solution is the promotion of young entrepreneurs and startups. While it has become easier to create companies and SMEs, growing and scaling them remains a monumental challenge.

The Wamda Research Lab (WRL), in partnership with Endeavor Jordan, conducted a study on Kharabeesh, an Arabic media and entertainment startup founded in Jordan in 2008 that has successfully grown and scaled. Other startups can learn much from analyzing and understanding how Kharabeesh scaled effectively.

Researchers identified five strategies that were the basis for Kharabeesh’s growth. The first is the creation of an inherently scalable product. The company produces video content that it makes sure appeals to its MENA audience.

The second strategy is to take decisions that are focused on the company's scaling goals. Creating a product is only the first step, it must then be managed to make sure it reaches the most relevant audience in the most efficient manner. This means having a good knowledge of distribution channels.

A meeting of the minds.

The third strategy used by Kharabeesh is to recruit an international team. MENA is a very diverse environment and Kharabeesh ensured that it can understand each region by hiring members that are just as diverse. This has allowed it to cover topics about countries that it might not have otherwise been able to if it did not have at least one member in the team from that country.

It’s fourth strategy is its emphasis on hiring and retaining talented individuals. Kharabeesh built a creative and collaborative corporate culture. Employees choose to remain at Kharabeesh because of this corporate culture.

The fifth and final strategy is its understanding and knowledge of the entrepreneurship ecosystem. In order to scale Kharabeesh made sure to ensure proper funding, mentorship, and external resources. By plugging into that ecosystem, Kharabeesh gained access to resources that helped it tremendously.

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