MENAT’s internet growth and barriers [Infographic]

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Despite the apparent prevalence of the world wide web in people’s lives, there are still a many who go without internet access.

According to the eMarketer’s 2015 Global Media Intelligence Report Saudi Arabia is due to be home to some 17.5 million people regularly online, however that is still less than the 63 million predicted for Nigeria.

The internet can make a huge difference in people’s lives, not just for business development but also for social progression.

Facebook for example is currently the subject of an angry Telecom Regulatory Authority of India who accuses the company of controlling people’s use of the internet with their ‘Free Basics Initiative’. Facebook say they are connecting the unconnected.

And despite attempts by governments, with the help of software companies, to infringe on this access to the net, the numbers will continue to grow.

Around 416.9 million people in the Middle East and Africa are expected to use the internet at least once a month that year. In 2019, they predict that number will approach 575 million.

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