The life cycle of your customer [Infographic]

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Retaining customers can be tricky in the online sphere. (Image via Dotsquares)

As a new generation of Middle Eastern entrepreneurs builds businesses based partially, or entirely on digital concepts, the need to attract - and keep - customers in the notoriously slippery online world becomes ever greater.

Most of it still comes down to making things easy - a well designed website with a well located 'sign up' button, a simple sign up process - and having an understanding of where your customers truly come from - is it via an emailed newsletter, social media, or somewhere else?

Furthermore, research from MIT and Capgemini Consulting shows that "digitally mature" businesses do better than those which aren't. Part of this means companies that are able to use technology to better engage with their customers and, ultimately, to better manage the 'life cycle' of their digital consumers.

This infographic outlines a basic digital customer life cycle, from acquistion to winning them back. 



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