Morocco Startup Altitude

Event overview

  • Event type:

    Networking event

  • Organizers:

    Startup Altitude

  • Start date

    November 07, 2016

  • End date

    November 13, 2016

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Startup Altitude is a global entrepreneurship organisation, hosting international festivals and programmes around the world to inspire and connect entrepreneurs.

From Europe, across South America, Asia and the Middle East, Startup Altitude is connecting entrepreneurs with business leaders and global brands. This year from 7-13 November, entrepreneurs in Marrakech, Morocco are invited to network, collaborate on projects/ideas, and to celebrate entrepreneurship and what it holds of values.

The event is divided into two parts: Innovation Camp Hackathon (November 7-12) and the main Startup Altitude event (November 13), which will feature speakers such as Mike Lightman, Innovation & Entrepreneurship at InfoDev, Marcel Gasser, CEO at Wain LED Hong Kong, Youssef Chaqor, founder of Kilimanjaro, and more. To apply for the hackathon you are asked to send an email to 

To stay updated on the event’s details you are advised to visit this website. #MoroccoSA

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