Boost your business with these 7 must have startup tools

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The famous tycoons like Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Page, Jeff Bezos and many more influential people have astonished the world with their innovations. Cash doesn’t start flowing overnight and products require hard work, patience, and creativity to become a huge hit.

Recent years have seen a rise of startups leading to what is now a new era for entrepreneurs. Regions like the Middle East and North Africa are generating new startups in creative ways, becoming a hub of growing businesses.

One of the important attributes of a startup is its ability to grow. If you know what is the goal you want to achieve, you will figure out ways to obtain it for your growth. There are endless opportunities for entrepreneurs to launch a startup, but building it can be quite hard at times. Entrepreneurship is booming around the world, and MENA is no different. The number of fintech startups in MENA has grown 39% annually since 2010 currently outnumbering education and healthcare startups in the region. A can-do attitude, patience and perseverance is all you need to achieve optimal results, and the use of right tools will help to overcome unexpected challenges.  

In the Middle East, entrepreneurs face multiple challenges in developing a strong team, developing the right culture and growing their business. Entrepreneurs are each day overwhelmed with endless meetings, paperwork, documentation, recruitment process, making payments and a number of obstacles in the development. It almost seems impossible to have control on the day and to stay organized.

(Image via Pexels)
It is not an overnight process that the cash starts flowing and the products become a huge hit, it requires hard work, patience, and creativity. (Image via Pexels)

Stuck in the same mess? No worries, capture the power of internet and technology to streamline your startup business and increase productivity.

Here are some tools found useful for entrepreneurs in all parts of the world, MENA included, to run their startups:

  1. Legal Documents

For various startups, it is essential to generate and store legal documents for its growing needs. Startup documents is a tool that will ensure less time on paperwork and more time on business. For your legal document needs, the tool will bring quick and affordable solution. Preview your documents before you make a purchase on startup documents according to your requirement.

2. Promising Productivity

Huge workload? Remote teams? Struggling with productivity? ProofHub might suit all your needs. It is a professional and easy to use online project management software well established in the market right now. It brings together all the elements of project management, collaboration, and communication. From planning to tracking ProofHub simplifies all things.

3. Recruiting Tools

Perfect hiring takes time and you have may have various positions to fill, you need a system to manage everything and track the recruiting progress. For a powerful recruiting strategy, many startups are using recruiting tools to create a recruiting plan. It can be quite helpful for those investors who have taken a step in establishing their own business. Sequoia, a recruiting tool for your startup, will discuss all the critical process related to recruiting and provide a simplified solution. So, do not fall behind on recruiting when the competition is tough. Meet your hiring goals with a recruiting tool.  

4. Business Automation

To increase your startup’s digital presence and marketing campaigns, there are several business automation tools. If you need the results of an established company, start using a financially accessible automation tool. SendPulse, a business automation marketing tool has made marketing simpler by offering SMTP, SMS and web push notifications to help minimize the workload of sales and marketing. Get integrated easily with shopping carts scripts and other online services with SendPulse.

5. Create Websites

The importance of an intriguing website can not be ignored for creating a successful startup story. To have something exciting, you need to ensure that your site is interesting and has a beautiful design. Webflow is exceptionally good for your purpose. You can craft precise interactions and animations, and build custom dynamic websites for your startup. The tool gives designers all the power of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Just like you want, you can manipulate the real working website without the need of writing code.

6. Making Payments

When it comes to customer convenience, it should be your business preference. There are plenty of options for you when you have to receive payment from customers. Choose one that reflects the personality of your business. PayPal will bring peace of mind for your clients and is an established platform for receiving payments all over the world. It has an API interface and guarantees complete security. If something goes wrong, customers can get quick and easy reimbursements.

7. Sales and Marketing

Without sales and marketing, you can’t be successful in generating the cash you want to for your business. Certain startups running in small-scale markets are looking to monetize on ads, and are facing several marketing challenges for expanding to newer markets in their region. There is a constant need for marketing of products and generating sales for the success of startup. HubSpot is an excellent resource for sales and marketing solution. You can grow your startup with HubSpot marketing, sales and customer relationship management solution. Increase your traffic and convert leads with HubSpot.

When we look at the Middle East and North African regions, the technological advancement is still in its infancy. Entrepreneurs are at the just beginning stage, learning how technology has evolved over the years. And, by getting to know about the powerful, yet simple to use, tools mentioned in this post they be able to grow their business.

Remember - the world is evolving at a speed and entrepreneurs in all regions are certainly feeling the heat. You have to be focused and resourceful to make the best use of technology if you want to be on top. And, using these tools can be the perfect first step that you can take in this direction!

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