Instagram, an attractive choice for merchants

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In Kuwait, Instagram is an attractive choice for entrepreneurs trying to promote a product or service, given the high use of this social tool in Kuwait and the high mobile penetration rate (above 75 percent) in general.

“It is an inexpensive method to test the market,” said Hind Al-Nahedh, CEO of Socialobby, in a previous interview on Nuwait. “I get direct sales and transactions for the least cost possible.”

Businesses in general, and those working in ecommerce in particular have benefitted a lot from this platform to sell their products. Most of them rely on Whatsapp for taking orders and opt for cash on delivery, a method often preferred by clients in the Arab region.

Here is a list of 5 ecommerce businesses in the beauty sector, that were able to use Instagram in Kuwait as a selling tool.  

1.  Je La La Jewelry is an Instagram page where Lulwa Al-Terkait shows off her jewelry design. This mother of two launched her entire jewelry business on Instagram and was able to compete with online stores. Read her story on Nuwait here.

2. Store and more is a page that sells beauty products, precisely products for softening and clearing the skin for women such as creams, facial masks and bath products. They deliver to all the GCC region.

3. Hoobzi Express is an ecommerce page for hair products like oils, treatments for hair strengthening and hair brushes. They deliver in Kuwait.

4. Al Sahar Accessories is also an ecommerce page selling accessories as the name shows. Orders are done via direct messages on Instagram and/or Whatsapp.

5. Dantela D offers clothing and accessories through its page and provides worldwide shipping. They operate via Whatsapp as well.

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