Palestine gets their first equity crowdfunding platform

Crowdpal, the first online equity crowdfunding platform purpose-built to support Palestinian entrepreneurship, launched its website today. It is founded by Anas Hamed.

"Through investing in promising startups, we can drive economic and social development as a step forward to pave the way for peace," said Hamed.

Crowdpal allows Palestinian-founded companies or other international entrepreneurs willing to invest in early-stage Palestinian startups, or employ/outsource professionals in Palestine, to support the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Users can seek investment funding by reaching out to personal contacts or by leveraging Crowdpal's community of investors, who can be located anywhere in the world.

Entrepreneurs also have access to mentorship and advisory network providing founders with educational resources. From a combination of online materials, video tutorials, and advice from industry experts, entrepreneurs can gain key insights into best practices for successfully running their business.

The platform will also feature a job search and hiring function, allowing companies funded through the site to hire from the talent pool in their particular region.

Crowdpal is launching initially concentrating on the Chilean market, which has an influential Palestinian community of half a million. It will then roll out in the Americas, followed by the Middle East, and then Europe.

The Crowdpal platform is currently seeking early adoption by investors and entrepreneurs. The company invites those interested in getting involved to follow their journey by visiting their website to find out more. Crowdpal is already garnering early interest in the investment community and with industry influencers.

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