10 online grocery stores catering to Kuwait

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According to the Total Retail Survey - Middle East 2016 report by PwC, the percentage of daily online shoppers doubled from six percent in 2014 to 12 percent in 2015, reflecting nothing but a changing consumer mindset and shopping behavior.

We have compiled a list of 10 online groceries stores that cater to Kuwait, to save you the hassle of shopping during the rising heat.

1- Taw9eel

Taw9eel is an online marketplace in Kuwait that sells groceries such as fresh fruits and vegetables, in addition to electronics, home appliances, perfumes, and cleaning products. It is part of the ecommerce group Tawseel Group, which is the mother company of other websites such as Sheeel, Berwaz, Digumz and Thouqi.

Taw9eel offers a four-hour delivery service. Customers can either choose to have their orders delivered within that timeframe or within a prefered date and time.

Taw9eel accepts cash on delivery, payments through Knet, Visa or Mastercard. There is no minimum charge and customers can use the website or the mobile application available on Android and iOS.

2- Saveco

Saveco is a Kuwaiti offline megamarket founded by Noor Al-Qatami in 2014. The company now employs 750 people all over Kuwait. Besides their physical stores, they also have an online store where customers can buy a variety of things such as fresh and frozen food, snacks, beverages, body care, hygiene products and houseware. They accept payment in cash, via Knet or credit cards.

3- Lulu

Lulu is a renowned supermarket chain in Kuwait. It also has an online store, catering to Kuwait, the UAE, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and India.

It sells fresh food, health and beauty products, and electronics. Customers can pay using their Mastercard, Visa or American Express cards. They don't accept Knet or cash on delivery. Delivery charges depend on the customer's location.

4- The Sultan Center

The Sultan Center, headquartered in Kuwait, is one of the leading regional supermarket chains. Their business portfolio includes retail, restaurants, telecommunications, investments, IT, real estate and security solutions. Besides their physical stores in Kuwait, their customers are able to buy groceries from the comfort of their homes. The Sultan Center is focused on groceries, hygiene products and households more than electronic appliances and mobile phones. Their minimum order amount is 10 Kuwaiti dinars.

As one of Kuwait’s largest independent supermarket retailers, they are continually seeking to expand their core structure into different business arenas.

5- Oncost Cash and Carry

Oncost Cash and Carry is a wholesale retail store introduced in Kuwait. Their location was opened in 2011 in Kuwait within the Central Fruits and Vegetables Market located in Sulaibya area. Oncost is aiming to open the second store soon, located in the Shuwaikh Wholesale district. They are planning to open additional locations in Kuwait and the region in the next 10 years. They accept cash on delivery, credit cards and Knet.

6- Prime Cuts

Prime Cuts is an upscale delicatessen that purveys a variety of high end gourmet products. They offer artisan cheese from different regions in Europe, tender US and Australian Beef, milk-fed veal and wagyu beef and lamb. Customers will also find a wide range of treats for cooking, which include finely pressed olive oils, salts, balsamic vinegars, marinades and more. They have a minimum order of 10 Kuwaiti dinars and accept payment through Knet, Mastercard and Visa cards.

7- Gourmet ME

Gourmet ME offers a variety of products, from organic food, bakery products and sweets, fruit and vegetables, to seafood and dairy products. The delivery is free, but the value of delivery orders should not be less than 10 Kuwaiti dinars.

They are currently available in Kuwait only.

8- Natureland

Natureland is a family business that began around 1996. Natureland food is organic and doesn't contain any chemical pesticides used in traditional agriculture which cause water, air, and soil pollution. Aside from their online stores, their products are available on Saveco, The Sultan Center, Carrefour, City Centre and others.

9- e-Baqala

e-Baqala is an initiative launched by Al-Hakimi Supermarket to facilitate the grocery shopping experience. They offer spices, rice, herbs, dry fruits and also have an in-house milling unit to produce ground spices and flours such as wheat, corn, rice and barley. They accept cash on delivery and Knet.

10- Maachla

Maachla is an online supermarket launched in Kuwait in 2008. Maachla in Kuwaiti means the products and groceries you buy from the supermarket. They started as an online sales channel and a home delivery solution for supermarkets. They are offering a variety of products such as fresh food, dairy and eggs, fruits and vegetables, beverages, pet supplies and hygiene products. Customers can pay on delivery using Knet or cash.

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