Alfanar brings venture philanthropy to the Middle East

Alfanar is an Arab venture philanthropy that seeks to empower social entrepreneurs that are making a difference in the region.

This year they’ve launched the #BeTheBeacon campaign during which they aim to raise 500,000 British pounds (US$640,000) to further children's education and women’s employment in the hopes of reaching 50,000 people regionally.

The Middle East is home to over half of the world’s refugee population. In the region 4.5 million children are out of school, two out of every three people are under 30 and youth unemployment is 30 percent, for Arab women in some countries this number reaches 60 percent.

Alfanar is looking for social entrepreneurs that are demonstrating measurable results to increase their impact by providing financial and critical support. With the money they raise they are able to contribute to a number of campaigns, 100 pounds will teach a child how to read and write, 350 pounds will provide ten widows with the training necessary to start their own business and 2000 pounds can make the difference in finding tutors that will help a 100 at risk youth finish school.

They are currently inviting everyone to participate in the #BeTheBeacon campaign by making a personal donation, creating an event to support the movement or volunteering their time as a mentor and then sharing their contribution on social media via the hashtag.

Feature Image via Alfanar


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