4 courses every tech entrepreneur should take to stay afloat

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In the past few years, changes in social media show that something can work like magic one day, and become outdated the next. Given the speed and development of ecommerce and online marketing, relying on information and strategies learned in college may not always cut it when you’re actually in the field.

Keeping up with trends and tech advancements is necessary to remain relevant in any industry. Luckily, there are plenty of online certifications and courses that enable you to stay abreast of all the rapidly changing components of running a business, one that is probably as much an online as it is an offline phenomenon.

Finding the right class, course, or certification for you and your company’s needs can be the ticket to ratchet operations up.

Here are four key disciplines that every successful new-age entrepreneur must be well-versed in.


In many instances, customers purely judge businesses on how their website is put together. Therefore, gaining an understanding of web design gives marketers a strong competitive advantage.

Having a website that is poorly designed or proves outdated, can damage your company’s credibility. If you’re an ecommerce business, failure to provide a seamless User Experience (UX) might lead to the downfall of your online store.

Learning how to properly construct a website and fix any glitches on your own, will enable you to reap great benefits. For one thing, it will save you a substantial amount of money (solo entrepreneurs rejoice!). For another, tending to any technical issues as soon as they arise will keep your platform running smoothly. It will also ensure that your sales strategy is unencumbered by complications that might turn off a potential customer.

Having a basic understanding of web design and information technology is advantageous for any entrepreneur, and becoming certified in DevOps takes this knowledge to the next level. A combination of development and operations in IT, DevOps grew out of the necessity for teamwork in the evolving IT world. A certification in DevOps training can furnish startup founders with the know-how to foster a positive online experience for customers.

Zeolearn offers a 16-hour online course in DevOps training that lays a solid foundation for collaborative work between software developers and IT experts, allowing for better communication and improved results. This training is terrific for founders who double as COOs, as well as for those who work closely with the technology department and want to gain a keener understanding of web development.

 Zeolearn offers a 16-hour e-course in DevOps training (Image is a screenshot from Zeolearn website).

Data analytics

Every business owner needs to understand how to interpret analytical data in order to determine the success of his or her marketing strategies. Sifting through numbers, percentages, and graphs can be confusing and even overwhelming, especially since Google Analytics is continuously adding new features and making changes.

As it happens, Google Analytics offers its own online training and certification exam for free, with a course that comes in a beginner’s and an advanced version. The course, in particular the advanced version, thoroughly explains how to use Google Analytics through video tutorials along with exams that measure your understanding of the material. The certification is very attractive to employers, as having a Google-certified employee brings with it perks like Google tech support and official association.

Google Analytics offers free online exams (Image is a screenshot from Google Analytics website).

Another option for understanding Google Analytics and training in the application of the data, is to take a data and analytics specialist certification course with Digitalmarketer. This course explains, in depth, the import of certain analytical data, and suggests tactics and strategies to improve operations.

Digitalmarketer will help you understand analytics (Image is a screenshot of Digitalmarketer website).


The importance of search engine optimization, or SEO, cannot be stressed enough. Anyone starting a business should have some level of training in this field, as it’s the only digital avenue through which entrepreneurs can build a brand for themselves in the long run. Furthermore, it is ‘free’ in the sense that nothing needs to be paid to the media (search engines) in which your marketing takes place.

The basic concept of SEO is incorporating keywords into your website and content so that you appear higher up on search engine results. In the process of obtaining certification in SEO, entrepreneurs learn how the search engines work and how to utilize the best tools and strategies for their business.

Clickminded’s SEO course is a comprehensive certification that offers online lecture videos and access to content even after its completion. The course is taught by Tommy Griffith, SEO manager for Airbnb and Paypal, and also offers a free training starter option.

Free SEO courses are available on Clickminded. (Image is a screenshot of Clickminded website).

Coursera also offers online certification for anyone who wants to become an SEO expert. This course delves into all aspects of SEO, including the inner workings of Yahoo, Bing, and Google. It explores strategies for international optimization. Going well beyond video lectures, Coursera incorporates various projects into the sessions for a more hands-on learning experience that can help marketers get a grip on how to apply their new skills.

This course delves into all aspects of SEO (Image is a screenshot of Coursera website).

Content marketing

Content is one of the least expensive avenues of marketing for startups, but can produce greater conversion rates and engagement than other forms. As the demand for traditional advertising declines, content marketing has taken center stage in many marketing strategies.

Content writing overlaps with SEO, as many keywords and phrases utilized in SEO make their way into content marketing. Gaining a firm understanding of SEO, improving your writing skills, and learning how to successfully combine the two can ramp up your company’s website traffic.

Content Marketing University offers certification in specialized educational tracks in multiple aspects of content marketing, with the frequently updated curriculum taught by professors and industry leaders. Students complete six online courses, along with over 30 hours of ‘ancillary content from top industry leaders – all focusing on particular topics for a deeper dive’.

Students can complete six online courses (Image is a screenshot of Content Marketing Institute website).

In the ever-evolving startup ecosystem, staying relevant is the name of the game. Entrepreneurs must constantly strive to remain up-to-date with the newest technology and trends in their industry. Acquiring specialized certifications is a great way to accomplish this and maintain a competitive edge.

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