How to overcome competitiveness in the hospitality industry [Video]

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In the competitive market of the hospitality industry, “offering lower prices does not always cut it with the guests,” explained Hady Abdelnour, founder of Smarke.

As mentioned in a previous article on Wamda, ‘online reputation is imperative in today’s hotel industry, and modern travellers are increasingly relying on the web for information to eliminate uncertainty regarding all their travel arrangements as well as the entire organisation of their trip from start to end’.

Technology, represented today by all the innovative startups disrupting most industries, could provide hotels with their competitive edge and improve their guests’ experiences, thus lead to a better online reputation.

However, building technologies and ideas that could accomplish that requires: mentors and experts, market testing, patience, and a lot of funding.

This is what Abdelnour believes a successful accelerator working in this field must provide.

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