Trella raises more than $600,000 in pre-seed investment

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Cairo-based trucking marketplace Trella has raised over $600,000 in a pre-seed funding round led by Algebra Ventures and joined by global VCs and notable angel investors including Esther Dyson, the Chairman of EDventure Holdings, who has also invested in Swvl, and Jambu Palaniappan, former Head of Uber Eats EMEA.

The startup helps shippers reduce costs by improving load utilization and efficiency and offering transparent pricing, and carriers by connecting them with shippers through direct bookings which means better utilization and enhancement of their truck efficiency. Trella also allows the carriers to track their shipments in real time and keep an eye on their transportation trends and performance through different reports.

“Trella aims to disrupt the freight industry through a smooth user experience and a modern user interface. This will give both shippers and carriers access to a transparent overview on pricing, payments, load movements and status updates as well as tracking and visibility,” the startup notes on its website.

Trella was founded less than three months ago by Omar Hagrass and Pierre Saad. Omar was previously with Uber and helped the company expand Uber Eats across Europe, Middle East & Africa which included launching the food delivery service in Dubai, Cape Town, Riyadh, and over 40 cities across the United Kingdom, and Saad was a Software Architect and Technical Lead with Vezeeta, the leading health tech startup of the region. Muhammad El Garem, former Business Development Manager with OLX, has joined them as Head of Operations.

Omar Hagrass, the co-founder and CEO of Trella, speaking to MENAbytes, said, that they’re currently available all over Egypt and are lucky to have partners who can support their growth beyond Egypt, “We’re eyeing expansion by the end of 2019 in another Middle Eastern country after making sure that the business is on the right track here in Cairo.”

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