Livestream of Flat6Labs' Mobile Gaming Class


Livestream of Flat6Labs' Mobile Gaming Class

Want to build the next big game? Train by watching Flat6Labs's new mobile gaming classes, which will be held for the next 3 weeks, over 9 sessions (click here for the full schedule). 

The course will focus on the full development of an iOS game (for the iPhone). It will mainly cover: iOS, OpenGL, HTML5, Game Design and Game Publishing. For students who want to create the next Angry Birds game, this is the place to be, says Flat6Labs.

Today, Mohamed Ali, CEO of Nezal is speaking. 

See the Flat6Labs Mobile Gaming Class page for more information and stay tuned for the next session tomorrow; Ahmed EssamCEO & Founder of F16Apps, will be speaking at 10:00 am and 1:00 pm Cairo Time.

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