Best Arabic Web Project Competition

The Best Arabic Web Project Competition 2012, sponsored by Mobily, was recently launched to give entrepreneurs the chance to show off and compete with their most innovative projects of 2012.

The competition’s first round takes place from January 17-28, 2013 when participants can register their projects. This year's competitors can upload their projects online to be reviewed by a jury that will vote on the best projects. As the competition progresses, projects will be narrowed down until they compete in the final round.

Conditions of the Competition:

  • The project must have been launched in 2012.
  • The project must provide a service or a web app (participants are not allowed to share their personal websites or blogs in the competition).
  • The website must operate entirely in Arabic- English-only platforms will not be accepted.

The jury will evaluate the projects according to 4 criteria:

  • Idea: the project will be evaluated according to the idea, creativity and implementation.
  • Design: the jury will focus on the quality of the website, the form and the design.
  • Usability: studying the ease of use of the website.
  • Profitable Model: studying the website’s ability to make profits.

Winners will receive the following prizes from Mobily: first place, 15.000 SR, second place, 10.000 SR and third place, 5.000 SR.

To register or find out more details, click here

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