Startup funding: How to fuel your car [Infographic]


Startup funding: How to fuel your car [Infographic]

This past week, our Wamda Community member Osama Natto designed and posted his own infographic on his own profile, using the metaphor of a car to explain the elements that keep a startup running.

Natto uses the infographic, based on a previous post of his, to advise startup on when to ask for funding, demonstrating what can go wrong in the ptich process. Every startup that's ever wondered, "Why aren't investors getting back to me?" can read this.

It's often in an investor's interest not to give a hard no, if a startup is simply not developed enough yet (in assembly) or has a vague direction. But some of the other "care troubles" a startup can have, like a bad driver, might be far more crippling.

Check out the infographic for some dead simple advice on running your startup properly (click the image below or here to see the full size).


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