Startup Battle 2016


Startup Battle, in association with The Rockstar Hubs International is an exciting pitch-fest, featuring a panel of entrepreneur investors. It’s a competition for companies and startups in the early stages of growth, to apply for investor funding and mentoring.

The mentors on the investor panel, have on average, built up and sold one of their companies for a sale price of $25 million, so they know a business with great potential when they see it - and how to make good on that promise.

If you think you could be the next big thing, then this is an unmissable opportunity to get in front of an active investor base from varying industries.

Applications are open to everyone to participate, where applicants will initially be selected by public voting, which allows them to proceed to the next level.

During the selection process, the top 5 finalists will pitch to the investors live at ‘Fast Forward Your Business’ (FFYB) in London on September 10 and 11 (video chat is available).

It’s a great opportunity for entrepreneurs who are ready to make their pitch and looking to attract investment. The 5 pitches are made in front of a live audience and with the stakes so high, it makes for an exciting spectacle. Not only is it entertaining but Startup Battle is also a unique opportunity for applicants to pick up tips and insights from thought leaders and game changers.

Be sure to apply before August 19 

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