This is why hotels need to start working with startups [Video]

Technology is disrupting all sectors and hotels are not an exception to that global trend.

According to Deloitte’s 2017 travel and hospitality industry outlook, consumers want authenticity, personalisation, removal of friction, and on-demand functionality in their travel experiences, and this is what tech entrepreneurs can provide.

“Entrepreneurs are already leveraging technology to enhance travellers’ experiences, whether their trip is for tourism, business and any other reason,” explained Fawzi Rahal, managing director of Flat6Labs Beirut, one of the regional startup accelerator’s programmes that fosters and invests in entrepreneurs.

According to him, hotels need to work with startups to capitalise on the innovation they can bring to the table.

Startups’ contribution exceed the sole online booking technologies to controlling the lights, improving guest servicing, and deploying the latest in multimedia in a hotel room.

According to Goldman Sachs, over 92 million millennials are poised to reshape the economy, and their unique experiences will force companies to have a look at the way they do business for the coming years. This also applies to the travel industry.

Rahal believes entrepreneurs should be venturing more in this sector as people in general, and millennials more specifically, are increasing their travels. “This is a segment that entrepreneurs can cater to with their innovative ideas,” he said.

In this video, Rahal advises entrepreneurs in the travel industry and in other industries on how to achieve success.

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