How Nabda Care is creating portable mobile healthcare services [Wamda TV]

Nabda Care is a medical-social platform that aims to link patients, care providers, and personal medical records. It also provides patients with a unified medical record.

The app creates a profile for each patient including all critical information, for better treatment accuracy and the ability to easily reach a patient in emergencies.

Ihab El Fouly at General Electric's Minds and Machines event.

“We are building an integrated healthcare model where the individual is the centric point, and aiming for an empowered community that is able to manage its health and wellbeing anytime, anywhere via different tools,” founder Ihab El Fouly said in the video above.

Founded in 2011, Nabda Care has offices in Egypt, Kuwait, USA and UK, and is planning to enter the African market.

Nabda Care’s integrated health service model, known as NabdaNet, was founded in 2013. It is a solution that brings healthcare to the homes, using remote medical devices, electronic medical records and multi-communication channels between patients and healthcare providers.

In a previous article on Wamda, El Fouly compared Nabda Care to a social health network where patients, while confidential, were registered and could interact with each other and get to know others with similar illnesses or ailments, then exchange information, advice and recipes.

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