Mix N Mentor Amman

Mix n Mentor Amman is a full day event with a unique format, that forges deep long lasting connections between entrepreneurs and mentors.

ZINC King Hussein Business Park, Building 23, King Abdullah II Street, Amman

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Event Overview

  • What is it?

    Mix N’ Mentor brings together promising entrepreneurs with top regional and global mentors. Thanks to its unique format and high profile delegates, 74% of past participants say they saw a direct improvement on their business.

  • Mentorship sessions

    At the core of the event are the mentorship sessions. Entrepreneurs will be matched with mentors based on profiles and needs. Various topics will be addressed throughout the sessions.

  • Workshops

    There will be a number of workshops all throughout the event, ranging from User Acquisition to Public Speaking.

  • Fireside Chat

    At the end of the day, the whole group comes together to reflect on learnings in a fun, collaborative and very casual setting.

  • Networking

    Mix N’ Mentor is designed to be a cosy event. No speeches or panels, it’s all about peer to peer learning and networking with high quality mentors. Entrepreneurs will build new connections and deepen old ones.


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    9:30 - 10:00


  2. 2

    10:00 - 11:00

    Opening Remarks & Panel Discussion on Access to Finance

  3. 3

    11:00 - 13:00

    Mentorship Sessions

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    13:00 - 14:00


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    Afternoon Workshops





Mentors (21)

  • Abed Agha

    Managing Director at Vinelab

    Abed is the founder and Managing Director at Vinelab, a digital entertainment company based in the UAE and serving broadcast, music and sports entities in the MENA region with digital executions. Vinelab clients include MBC Group, Rotana Media Group, Sony Music, Nancy Ajram, Magida El Roumi, and others. Prior to Vinelab, Abed cofounded Rab3i TV, the first free-to-air interactive social network on TV and experienced 12 years spanning investments, media and telecoms across the US, South East Asia and the GCC.

  • Abed Shamlawi

    Business and Technology Advisor

    Abed Shamlawi gathers extensive experience in leading ICT sector development and assisting public and private sector entities develop and implement their ICT strategies. He also managed large scale public and private ICT related projects and NGOs. Recently, Abed has led Jordan’s ICT and BPO Sector Association – int@j towards being a thought leader for the ICT and BPO Sector in Jordan through advocacy, promotion and marketing, research, and capacity building programs to the ICT and BPO sector members and stakeholders.

  • Ahmad Hanandeh

    CEO at Zain Jordan

    Ahmad Al Hanandeh joined Zain Jordan as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in July 2011 with an after serving as Chief Financial Officer for Zain Sudan mobile operation. Prior joining Zain Family, Ahmad was the General Manager for four years of Posta Plus, the Gulf-based company specializing in world-class delivery, courier and postal services across the Middle East. Back in 1994 and till 2006, he was a key member of Aramex Group, where he initially joined as an accountant and became a country manager in numerous Aramex’s Asian stations. Ahmad also claimed Socrates Award 2014 as he was presented the title ‘Best Manager of the Year’ by the Europe Business Assembly, along with winning "Telecom Man of The Year for 2014" Award by the 11th Pan Arab Excellence Awards Academy.

  • Dana Suyyagh

    CEO at AlMamlaka TV Station

    Dana has demonstrated history of working in the broadcast media industry. Skilled in Newsroom Management, Television Production, Crisis Communications, Communication, and Breaking News, Dana has accumulated 20 years in media, taking on high leadership roles in the industry before presiding over AlMamlaka TV station. Dana acted as the Executive Editor at Alarab News Channel and as the Director of Media and Communication for the office of Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah. Dana has a Bachelor of Arts focused in Middle Eastern History from University of Toronto - Victoria College.

  • Daniel Sharaiha

    Head of HR & Customer Experience at Bank al Etihad

    Daniel is a human resources practitioner and trainer with more than 15 years of experience.  He is a Certified Trainer in the Extraordinary Leader Program by Louis Allen – USA and a Six Sigma practitioner by Motorola University.  His experience engulfs conflict transformation, recruitment and retention, staff development, and hierarchal restructuring (re-layering). Daniel an electrical engineering graduate.  He has worked with international companies in the Business Excellence and HR departments with different consultants such as McKinsey and Oliver Wyman.  He is also a management consultant to public and private sector organizations, USAID and different NGOs.

  • Emile Cubeisy

    Founder and Managing Partner at Silicon Badia

      Emile has over 18 years of experience in technology, government, and venture capital space. Emile also serves as Board Director of Silicon Badia, Oasis 500, Jeeran, Shoofee TV, Media Scope, Gate2Play, Arab Media Holding, Dakwaak and NetCorps. Prior to this, he served as the Director of ICT Promotion & Advisor to the Ministry of ITC, Jordan. Emile holds a Bachelors Degree in Economics and Political Science from the University of Southern California and was selected as a member of the Young Global Leaders by the World Economic Forum in 2006.

  • Faisal Hakki

    CEO at Oasis500

      Faisal joined the Oasis500 board in early 2012 during his tenure at Accelerator Technology Holdings (ATH), a leading regional Venture Capital Fund. He had held the position of Senior Investment Associate and was primarily responsible for ATH’ expansion and growth stage investments. In May 2013, Faisal founded www.kohlah.com with the vision of building the leading Cosmetics and Beauty online store of the Arab World. Faisal previously worked in management accounting, equity research, and financial analysis at various organizations, including Zain and Arab Advisors.

  • Fouad Jeryes

    Founder at CashBasha

    Fouad is an early entrepreneur who continues to work and invest in the Middle Eastern Technology scene; particularly in Jordan. Fouad was Director of Technology & Analytics at Open Insights LLC. and has offered technical as well as strategic consulting to top-tier telecom, software & internet giants such as Google, Microsoft, Verizon & others. Additionally, he was part of the team that started up Jordan’s first technology accelerator and incubation program, Oasis 500, where he built and grew the mentor & angel investor networks. In 2014, he cofounded CashBasha, e-commerce technology company that enables shoppers in emerging markets to make purchases from international online shopping sites that do not serve their geographies.

  • Luma Fawaz

    Investment Manager at Oasis500

      Luma has more than 16 years of experience in the Investment field. As Head of Investment, she leads the strategic and financial due diligence for all potential Investments. Prior to joining Oasis500 Luma was the Finance and Investment Manager at Nuqul Group.  She started her career as an investment analyst at ABC Investments, a wholly owned subsidiary of Arab Banking Corporation where she assisted in launching the portfolio management Services that invests in the Middle East and North Africa. As a continuum to her career in portfolio management, she joined Awraq Investments, “The Investment Arm of Cairo Amman Bank” in 2005 where she was responsible for launching and managing their flagship fund.  

  • Marwan Juma

    Founder at dot.jo

    Marwan is the founder and Chairman of the Board of Kinz for Information Technology, the country’s leading corporate data provider, and dot.jo, one of Jordan’s top web application providers. Juma also served as the country’s Minister of Information of Communications and Information Technology from Dec 2009 till Feb 2011. Prior to his government service, Juma was the Chief Executive Officer of Xpress Telecommunications, one of Jordan’s leading mobile operators. Prior to his tenure at Xpress, Juma was the Chief Executive Officer of Batelco Jordan, the country’s second fixed line operator and a leading data communication provider. Today Marwan chairs Oasis500, the region’s leading IT fund and accelerator.  In addition, Marwan serves on several boards including King Abdullah II Fund for Development, King Abdullah II Center for Excellence, the Jordan Education Initiative, JEI, Princess Sumaya University for Technology, the recently established public broadcast TV station, Capital Investments and Jordan International Insurance.  In addition, he serves on the board of DAI, a US firm working in the global development arena.

  • Mohamad Haj Hasan

    Cofounder at Akhtaboot

      Mohamad graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Upon graduation, he joined Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein in New York, where he worked as a Financial Analyst in their Mergers & Acquisitions department. Before cofounding the online recruitment site Akhtaboot (www.akhtaboot.com) in late 2006, Mohamad was a Vice President at Rasmala Investments, a regional Asset Management firm based in Dubai, where he worked with a range of Middle Eastern and Gulf clients. While working at Akhtaboot, Mohamad also cofounded the card gaming site Jawaker (www.jawaker.com). Mohamad holds an MBA and a Masters in Education from Stanford University.

  • Nour Al Hassan

    CEO at Tarjama

    Nour founded Tarjama in 2008 in Amman. In 2011, she moved the company to Abu-Dhabi, guiding it as it grew into a regional company, employing 40 full-time staff and 200 freelance staff in four Arab countries. Nour is an advocate of women’s empowerment, and Tarjama’s high impact business model is a reflection of this passion.  The model involves training, hiring, and promoting women who might not otherwise have been able to enter the workforce. Of the 200 women Tarjama has trained over the past few years, 100 have been hired by the company on a part-time or freelance basis.  Nour is also the co-founder of the highly successful Jordanian-based luxury events company, Pinkmoon Events.

  • Nour Khrais

    Founder and CEO at Maysalward

    Nour is also Chairman of Jordan Gaming Task Force with over than 18 years of international experience in the top leading Online and Mobile Value Added Services companies. Before forming Maysalward, he worked in a multicultural environment between VAS companies in Jordan, UAE, Egypt, Qatar and France. Under a Glocalized vision, Nour launched in November 2013 the first Mobile Game Development operation in the Middle East Region offering unique Casual games targeting the Middle East and Emerging Markets.

  • Rawan Barakat

    Founder at Raneen Media

    Rawan is dedicated to encouraging reading and appreciation of books in children, especially those who are visually impaired. In 2009, she founded Raneen Foundation, the largest Arab Audio library in Jordan and subsequently the Arab world. Raneen aims to develop children’s listening skills and to strengthen children’s Arabic language. Rawan works with students, teachers, families, and communities to shift the traditional, rote-memorization based educational environment in the Levant region to an interactive and inductive ecosystem which enhances listening skills and imagination through interactive and dialogue-based methods.

  • Sabri Hakim

    Acting General Manager - Levant at Careem

    Sabri joined Careem in​ ​2015 as​ ​the General​ ​Manager​ ​of Careem in​ ​the Levant region. Determined to​ ​enhance​ ​transportation​ ​dynamics​ ​in​ ​his​ ​hometown,​ ​after​ ​having​ ​lived​ ​in Canada​ ​and​ ​experienced​ ​its seamless transportation​ ​system.  Prior​ ​to​ ​joining Careem, Sabri spent​ ​the​ ​past​ ​decade working in​ ​the​ ​tech​ ​scene.​ ​He cofounded 2 start-ups, Talasim, which​ ​was acquired in 2009, and Jeeran, which has received investment from​ ​Intel​ ​capital​ ​in​ ​2010.  

  • Saleem Hammad

    General Manager at Souq.com - KSA

      With more than 14 years of Internet experience in MENA, Saleem is currently the General Manager Manager of Souq.com KSA & Jordan. Saleem joined Souq.com in 2008 as the Regional Finance Director of Souq.com and General Manager of Souq Jordan. Since then, the company has grown to be the largest online retailer and Marketplace in the Arab World. Prior to moving to Souq.com, Saleem was the Senior Finance Manager of Tejari.com, the largest Online B2B marketplace in the region.

  • Tamara Abdel-Jaber

    Co-Founder and Executive Board Member at Palma Consulting

      Tamara started her professional career in 1997, as an accountant at the Computer and Engineering Bureau (CEB). In 1998, she was assigned the Financial Manager position at the CEB Group of companies and in 2001, as the Chief Planning Officer. In 2002 Tamara cofounded Palma, and started as a Deputy General Manager. Palma currently employs 20+ consultants, has several international alliances and business partners, and is actively providing its consulting services to large organizations across the Arab region. She was recently selected to take part in the 2009 Fortune/ U.S. State Department Global Women Mentoring Partnership where she was mentored by c-level executives at Accenture in New York and Chicago. She participated and spoke at the 2009 Fortune Most Powerful Women Summit in San Diego, USA.

  • Tima Shomali

    Founder at Filmzon Productions

      Tima is a Comedy actress, Writer and Producer, and Founder of Filmizon Productions. Time pursued a BA degree in Business Administration minor Finance, but never stopped writing until she got to know The Royal Film Commission and its activities, and started taking extensive filmmaking workshops. Soon after, she produced and directed her first short movie, which helped her apply to The Red Sea Institute of Cinematic Arts where she has graduated from with an MA in writing and producing. She started with "FemaleShow," a social comedy sarcastic show,, through her production company Filmizion Productions in partnership with Kharabeesh in 2012. FemaleShow was a success and developed into seasons for online and TV. Tima's work does not limit to pure comedy but it extended to Drama work, she has produced the TV series "Zain" which was aired on MBC+ and Abu Dhabi TV in December 2013.

  • Valentina Qussisiya

    CEO at Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation

      Valentina Qussisiya is the current CEO of Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation (AHSF) and an active member of The National Centre for Human Rights board of trustees in Jordan. As the CEO of AHSF, she leads the Foundation’s efforts to invest in cultural and social innovation to positively impact Jordanian communities. Before joining AHSF she was the Director General of the Jordan River Foundation (JRF). In 2010, Valentina was awarded the Eisenhower Fellowship and was named a 2010 Ward Wheelock Fellow. She is considered one of the most important figures in community work in Jordan.

  • Walid Faza

    Chief Operating Officer at Wamda

    As the investment principal, Walid is responsible for screening, structuring, and executing the investments as well as providing networking opportunities, strategic direction and ongoing management to these funds’ portfolio companies based in the Region. Walid is an advisor to many start-ups and serves on the Mentorship Network of Mowgli, Oasis500 and the Queen Rania Center of Entrepreneurship.

  • Wasim Salfiti

    Head of SME Business Development at Bank al Etihad

    Wassim in charge of developing and managing the design and roll-out of products, services and initiatives for SMEs and startups. While working at the Bank, Wasim also co-founded the Sijal Institute for Arabic Language and Culture, which provides intensive instruction for students of Arabic at all levels in a historic house in Jabal Amman. Wasim is a graduate of Columbia University and the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS).