Jordanian 3D MENA initiative brings most advanced technology to the most deprived

“We use disruptive technology to improve human rights fulfilment in conflict zones and host communities,” that is how Loay Malhameh, cofounder of 3D MENA Social Innovation, and Dave Levin, founder and executive director of Refugee Open Ware, present the products they are building within their initiatives.

During our latest Mix N’ Mentor in Amman, we had the chance to chat with the cofounders.

Based out of Amman, the two are looking to use the most advanced technologies for those that need it the most, like displaced and host communities affected by conflict.

In this video, the cofounders tell us how they want to make the most out of the new industrial revolution in order to benefit people in need.  "Our idea is to bring the Third Industrial Revolution to the humanitarian sector to try address these terrible crises that we are facing,” says Levin.

Watch the video to learn how a team member who had lost his leg during the Syrian war was taught how to program and code in Arduino in three days, and built his first prosthetics prototype in three weeks. Now teaching others how to do the same Levin says “this is a good test case on how accessible these technologies are for the people we are trying to help.”

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