Getting kids into science? Egyptian entrepreneur uses solar energy cars [Video]

Teaching science to children can be a very challenging job. Not only do you need their full attention, but lessons need to be fun in order for them to assimilate and memorize the information. Gamification is one way to get the message across and this Egyptian entrepreneur is doing it using a solar panel and a toy car.

iSolarWorkx is a do-it-yourself education kit. The car needs some assembly, and a small solar panel on the roof powers a small motor within. By assembling the car and tinkering with the placement of the panel, children can learn how renewable energy works, and hopefully develop an interest in science.

We caught up with iSolarWorkx cofounder Ali Abdel-Hafiz at the 8th annual MIT Enterprise Forum of the Pan Arab Region in Kuwait in April, where he showed us how the car works.


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