The connected cooking machine will make sure you eat healthily [Video]

There will soon be no reason for students, working moms or busy professionals to become loyal customers of food delivery anymore: there's now a machine that will cook your favourite food, and cook it healthily.

Tahi Technologies cofounders Khalid Abou Jassoum, the CEO, and Tarek Maksoud, lead mechanical engineer, are building a smart cooking appliance that, they say, will reinvent the cooking process at home. 

Tahi is an internet-connected cooking machine that manages ingredients automatically after they're loaded in compartments. “It will dispense each group of ingredients so that they are cooked to perfection,” says Abou Jassoum during the video interview.

The device is connected to a smartphone app and offers a custom built application with loaded recipes. The app walks users stage by stage through the process to prepare the ingredients for each canister. “Once all ingredients are loaded you just hit start,” says Maksoud.

“This will save users money, time, and will empower them to be in control of their food, knowing what they eat and having the diversity they need from our application and recipe store.”

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