How Farminal uses tech to impact the agriculture sector in Egypt [Video]

As CEO of Farminal, Egyptian entrepreneur Walid Sorour presents his company, providers of innovative solutions for dairy farms.

With their primary solution on offer being the detection of mastitis disease Farminal delivers systems for large and medium dairy farms, as well as affordable and sustainable solutions for small farms. 

Sorour was introduced to the sector through a family business in dairy farming. 

Recently, they've been delivering to many small farms a simple management solution, in Arabic, to help farmers track and register data. The startup has also been selected to join the French Tech Ticket program. If they win Farminal would be hosted at NUMA, one of the program partner incubators in Paris, starting January 2016.

Watch the video above to learn more about how Sourour as an engineer, utilizes his experience to impact agriculture with ICT.

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